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Krav Maga Illinois is an officially certified Krav Maga Worldwide training center with an extensive program of Krav Maga (contact combat) Reality Self Defense/Awareness training, along with a Heavy Bag Conditioning classes. Our Krav Maga for Kids program includes reality self defense training, for children 10 to 14 years old and features the same Krav Maga curriculum that the adults are learning. This training increases confidence, strength and above all, safety.

Krav Maga Illinois is an Official USA Boxing gym. To compliment our Krav Maga training, we offer this extraordinary Boxing program featuring Official USA Boxing Coaches. Our KMI Boxing program is appropriate for boxing enthusiasts as well as competitive boxers. We are proud to add this to our life changing lineup!

Special Introductory Offer

Krav Maga Illinois
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At Krav Maga Illinois our professional Instructors are ready to serve our community from karate kids to adults. We strive to make your martial arts class a personalized experience as we realize many of our students have enrolled for multiple reasons. If you live near or around Chicago, IL please give us a call or complete any form on this site to receive your website special offer. Our program directors and Martial Arts instructors will reach out to you and schedule your first lesson and offer a tour of our academy.

Learn Valuable Life Skills

Self-Confidence and higher self-esteem will come as you face the challenges of martial arts training.

Increase Your Fitness

You will increase your strength and endurance through martial arts training. The cardio benefits will have your fitness level on the rise.

Make New Friends

The challenges that you will go through with your fellow martial arts students will create bonds that last a lifetime.

Learn To Defend Yourself

Learn to walk with confidence knowing that you can defend yourself in whatever situation that life presents you with.

Let our team of Instructors show you how we can help!

Click on the Show Me How Button Below and get our website offer Today! We will get you in the queue for a schedule. First come first served, so don’t delay.


  • I was 24 years old and in the worst shape yet. I was hesitant to join at first. It was something completely new and the free trial really gave light into what we would actually be doing in the lessons. Now I am 8 months in and feel like a completely different person. I have more energy, newfound strength and feel more confident in my abilities to fight and defend against attackers. They call it realistic self defense for a reason and the trainers have drills and the training to make you ready for anything. The trainers not only prepare you, they mentor you and nurture you to being better at your technique and placing more power in your strikes/defenses/counters. They are all truly fantastic trainers and the students are proof of that.

  • My daughter who is 10 joined Krav Maga Illinois (KMI). About 2 months ago. KMI offered a one day trial and in the 1st 10mins my daughter decided it was not for her. Frustrated as a parent and running out of activities to introduce to my 10 year old is running its course. Knowing how important it is in today's society (which is unfortunate) people have to learn how to defend themselves. Fast forward to the trial day, I told her to finish the trial and we can later discuss why she did not want to continue. She agreed and got back in. I watched as her instructor, who in my eyes thought that there were too many students in the class, was able to teach techniques and dedicate a one on one with each student who's form needed to be tweaked to achieve proper techniques to defend and strike, was quite amazing. These kids as well as my daughter, who was new to the class, was picking up the movements, the blocks, and the strikes. Class was over and as I walked over to my daughter who was sweaty, was expecting her to say can we go now. Instead, she said she was ecstatic and wanted to come back! So after speaking with the manager Ashley, who was awesome and gave us a tour and explained the program prior to the trial, I explained that I was going to give it a couple of days and talk to my daughter about joining. Long story, short-my daughter is in her third month with classes offered twice a week for kids. My daughter's eagerness to go to both classes is something I thought would never happen.
    Sue, the owner often teaches the class is pretty awesome, all of the instructors are but what's refreshing is that Sue, when she teaches-she doesn't just go through the motions. She is teaching technique and making the students put in the work! I stay and watch the class and I've seen the progression my daughter has made since starting.
    This place is not just for kids. They offer classes to adults. The adult classes are before the kids class. We get there 10 minutes before my daughters class. I watch the adults and they are also putting in the work everyone of them are in a full flop sweat and breathing heavy. Would love to join but a pre existing injury will never allow me. Sadness! As my daughter says.
    Give this place a shot, you can't beat they give you 1 free class-you won't be disappointed!

  • As a seasoned savate veteran, immersing myself in the world of Krav Maga with KMI has been truly enlightening. This practice consistently empowers me with fresh skills to handle unexpected situations, strengthening my self-confidence. The club's friendly atmosphere among students and approachable instructors create an environment that's both welcoming and enriching. Looking forward to test my next belt!

    Thank you

Krav Maga Illinois Review and Testimonial System

Thank you for visiting our website. Please leave us a Review and Testimonial and tell us how much you enjoy our programs. Our goal is to serve our students with the highest quality training and facilities in Chicago, IL. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and your family.

Kids Love Classes at Krav Maga Illinois!

Strive To Be Your Best

We are excited to meet your family. Martial Arts can help your children develop life-long skills that will benefit them at home, in school with better grades, and in everyday life with enhanced courtesy and respect. We are VERY proud of how our krav maga kids excel in the community after just a short time of being a martial art student. Click the Act Now button below and select a program that best fits your needs.

Krav Maga Kids in the community

Our students are becoming leaders within the community daily.

Krav Maga Class For School

Krav Maga classes that help children in school academically and socially.

Safe Krav Maga Defense Skills

Learning safety skillsets that will help them in that time of need.

Respect, Courtesy, Self-Discipline

Life skills that last a lifetime are taught within our martial arts academy.

Teen & Adult Martial Arts Classes at Krav Maga Illinois!

Our Martial Arts classes for teens and adults are Top Notch. Our Instructors are actively involved with each student and the benefits our program has on and off the mat. From safely taught self defense skills to physical fitness our adult program delivers real world results for this ever-changing world. Our community members in Chicago, IL love the classes and what we have to offer for our student base and their families.

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Susan Garstki

Thank you for your interest in Krav Maga Illinois. We are dedicated to providing the finest in self defense, fitness and fighting. We are on a curriculum with over 150 Krav Maga Worldwide Training Facilities internationally giving you the option to step into any Krav Maga Worldwide training center and be right on track with the curriculum. Krav Maga Illinois has been voted BEST Self Defense Training 2015 by Chicago Magazine. Don’t settle for less, train with the best! We offer family, military, law enforcement, and student discounts. Krav Maga Illinois offers group, private and on-site training, as well as monthly seminars, providing you with the tools needed to “Get Home Safe”.

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