I am a Certified Personal Trainer who takes his own health and fitness very seriously. That being said, I will only train with coaches who are the best at what they do and who are affiliated with the most reputable organizations.

At Krav Maga Illinois:

– You will receive world-class instruction on Krav Maga techniques and theory. Most of the coaches are Chicago cops who must use these techniques every day in real life. It is very rare to find a dojo where the instructors actually use martial arts in their jobs and not just for fitness or sport. You wouldn’t go to a doctor who practices medicine on stuffed animals, would you?

– You will be treated with respect, no matter your age, gender, or fitness level. KMI has created a unique culture in the sense that the instructors don’t play favorites. This may not sound impressive but as a fitness professional, let me tell you this is very hard to do. KMI instructors go out of their way to make sure every person in the class gets the most of out of their coaching every time.

– You will learn from the coaches, but also from your peers. Many of KMI’s students are veterans of the art who have been practicing and refining their craft for years. Being surrounded by these “Assistant Coaches” makes the learning experience that much richer and more fun. Moreover, these students are also class acts who genuinely want to help people.

– You will never miss a class. The fact that KMI’s classes were at full capacity over the last few weeks during the coldest winter in 100+ years tells you all you need to know.

What are you waiting for? Get off your butt and go see Sue at KMI now!!!
-Joe S.

Buzzing with anticipation before class, I laced up my wrestling shoes and glanced at another krav maga student sitting next to me on the large window seat that stretches across the front of the studio. We struck up a conversation.

“So, where are you from?”
“Well, I work in Chicago but live in Lincolnwood.”
“…And come all the way up here to work out?”
“Well, I used to go to Sue’s old gym. When she opened this place, I followed her here. She’s the best teacher I’ve had at anything. Ever.”

After religiously attending courses four to five days a week for nearly two months, I can see why people travel from far and wide to go to this martial arts studio. Friendly, helpful students, an incredibly effective self-defense technique, broad availability of classes to accommodate a wide variety of interests, fitness levels, and schedules, and outstanding instructors. I hesitate writing this, in fact, because I don’t think I can do Sue, Al, and Jesse justice– they will challenge you, remain patient, command a room full of students’ respect and attention, and still ensure you’re executing every movement properly. I’m not the most coordinated nor athletic and haven’t taken a martial arts or self defense class since I was seven but never feel left-behind when covering previously uncharted (krav maga) territory.

I feel remarkably empowered and significantly stronger after just a few months. I’m still challenged, leaving class five days a week winded, dripping with sweat, maybe a touch bruised, but having learned something new. And I’m consistently touched by how supportive, encouraging, and helpful more experienced students are.

KMI offers a variety of membership options and folks are welcome to attend or observe a free class before joining. In addition to krav maga, the gym offers instruction in Brazilian jiu jitsu, boxing, MMA, and a heavy bag conditioning class. Children’s classes are offered too. The facility is well-appointed with locker rooms, a nice pro shop, clean bathrooms, and equipment to borrow if you haven’t gotten to buy your grappling gloves yet.
-Amy G.

I have been going to Krav Maga Illinois since October of ’09. I have tried the majority of the classes offered – and practice Krav-Maga as well as Brazillian Jui-Jitsu. The place is always clean and in order which is appreciated due to the difficulty of maintaining a Martial Arts School. The best part of KMI is its like a second family – everybody (including the members and staff) are super friendly!
-Alex M.

So happy I chose KMI over other places. Passionate, humble, and selfless instructors coupled with friendly, hard-working students creates a great learning atmosphere!!
-Nick A.

I started Krav Maga just a few weeks ago and I can’t get enough of the training. The staff are extremely friendly and they do a great job of adjusting the class to meet the abilities of the participants. They’ll push you, but only because that’s what it’s going to take to improve your skills. The other participants are totally cool as well. I was worried I was going to get smacked around as the “new meat” but it was the exact opposite. This is truly an environment where people help each other out and work together, and there are students from all levels and age ranges. There was absolutely no pressure to join or buy anything- signing up was a very pleasant experience. As someone who has worked in gyms for many years I really appreciated this approach. All in all if you are even remotely interested in what Krav Maga Illinois offers, make an appointment for a free trial, these trainers are the real deal.
-Jae M.

I hate working out. No, really, I don’t like it at all, but more then that, I hate missing a class at Krav Maga Illinois!

In the few weeks that I have started going to classes I feel better, I (think) I look better and I have definitely gained a confidence that somewhere along the way I lost!

The instructors are amazing and understand different skill levels and different comfort levels on an individual basis. They will push you but they push right to that point you think you can’t, but you can so you succeed!

The gym itself is always clean and well cared for. The pads, bags and mats are always clean. Upstairs they have a full size ring and more pads, bags and mats.

I can’t wait to continue and add classes to my weekly routine!
-Liz M.

After several weeks of regular Krav Maga training at KMI, I felt comfortable enough to ask to work in on one of the “Bas Rutten” classes…albeit some apprehension. I don’t know if it is how the system is set-up, or Jesse’s ability gauge the level of the class, but it was much more realistic in a sense that it forced you retain the techniques in a more “hands-on”, (or off-hopefully) approach. Needless to say I am now a regular attendee and make it a staple of my weekly routine. My only complaint is I can’t make it to more of the Bas Rutten based classes. I love the enthusiasm that Jesse and Sue bring to each class and typically find myself going between 3-5 times a week. Since I started back I’ve lost 18lbs and actually find myself looking forward to working out again. I feel better about myself and have gained back some confidence (lost in regards to my physical restrictions related to my knee) relating to my/my family’s well being. Keep up the great work.
-Steve A.

So, I joined up to lose 10 lbs. That was now 9 months and 15 lbs ago. This place is phenomenal! At 33 I’m literally in fighting shape and I did it via three to four classes per week and without actually fighting anyone (though there are classes for that). Not to mention I’m testing for my level 3 Krav Maga certification.

I’ve done the routine gym memberships and personal trainers, even combing those things can’t even touch the conditioning and skill set you receive from Krav Maga Illinois. This place is the real thing!
-Reid K.


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