KMI Boxing


KMI Boxing teaches the fundamentals of the Sweet Science. Class objectives focus on proper techniques for throwing combinations, footwork, head movement, sparring techniques and ring strategies.

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See what Students in Chicago, IL are saying about our KMI Boxing program!

M. Pavil

I’ve trained my body a lot over the years, including BJJ. The reason i love Krav Chicago, is beacuse of the intensity, the low-risk of injury, the explosiveness, the results I’ve experienced over a short period of time, the instructors, and the clean facility. Come check out a class!

Kimmy Rae

I can definitely say joining this amazing Krav Maga family was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The instructors are so patient and knowledgeable . I always leave class with new lifesaving tools. Oh! And the body transformation! Cant believe 6 months have passed since joining and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Love it.

Liz Coppedge

I have been going to Krav Maga Illinois for over 6 years and have learned so much from the best instructors that I have ever known (in anything). It is the right of any human to protect themselves and their loved ones should they be attacked. Come here if you want to learn from the best.