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Whether you are looking to learn hand-to-hand combat, improvised weaponry use, or the art of escape, we offer it all at Krav Maga Illinois near Evanston. We even provide kids martial arts classes, teaching martial arts in a positive, playful learning environment. Classes may include technique drills, live training, and one on one coaching. Widely regarded as one of the most effective martial art forms in the world, Krav Maga develops character, strength and personal growth no matter the age. The kids martial arts lessons we offer will help instill confidence, discipline, and respect while teaching valuable self-defense principles.

Evanston Kids Martial Arts Training

On the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan and a short trip by car from Chicago, Illinois is the large community of Evanston with nearly 75,000 permanent residents. Many of whom practice the ancient art of Krav Maga thanks to the exclusive martial arts training facility Krav Maga Illinois. Located close to Evanston in Highland Park, with over 50 classes per week we offer martial arts classes for all ages. Known as the foremost kids martial arts school, Krav Maga Illinois uses only high-level, experienced martial arts instructors for all our classes, so you can be sure you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Evanston Kids Martial Arts Classes

At Krav Maga Illinois our purpose is to help empower our students with martial arts skills that enable them to quickly and confidently react to a threatening or potentially violent situation. Regardless if you are 8 or 80 martial arts will work for you. We believe that our Fit2Defend kids martial arts classes provide an excellent solution for situations students face on a daily basis. Fit2Defend kids martial arts training also offers the benefit of physical fitness and maintaining a healthy weight while teaching valuable life skills. Free trial kids martial arts classes are available by calling (847) 733-0405. What are you waiting for? Begin your journey to confidence today!

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