Evanston Martial Arts


For more than five years Krav Maga has been teaching every age self-defense at our martial arts school all through the Chicago Metropolitan Area. We are a licensed martial arts training center offering martial arts training to anyone that is interested, no matter the age! Krav Maga’s martial arts training facility brings martial arts classes and martial arts lessons in self-defense that are the best in town! Our number one goal is to empower our students to know how to deal with any life threatening situation using the martial arts skills taught at our martial arts school. Krav Maga is the official self-defense system used for the Israeli Defense Force and law enforcement. Our World Wide Training Center on the North Shore in Highland Park is well-known. Krav Maga teaches all of our students from Evanston how to categorize danger, how to react without uncertainty and then remove the danger swiftly, using self-defense moves.

Evanston Martial Arts Training

Awareness training, tactical techniques and how to be prepared if the unexpected happens is part of what we teach our Evanston students. Evanston, Illinois is a city on the Northside of Chicago in Cook County. Evanston has a population of 74,486 and is one of the first Northshore communities. In order to teach students from Evanston real self-defense our martial arts classes are based upon modest principles and instinctive movements. Krav Maga martial arts school allows our novices from Evanston to learn how to reply to any unforeseen malicious attack. Once their martial arts training is completed our students will be highly armed with the skills needed to protect themselves.

Evanston Martial Arts Classes

Krav Maga also offers a reality based self-defense training program to ages 5-10 that teaches the concepts of self-defense and in-turn increases their overall level of physical fitness. Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat” and is the official self-defense system for the Israeli Military which has been taught to hundreds of law enforcement agencies, several military personnel and thousands of civilians! Krav Maga offers quite a few martial arts classes which includes, KMI Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kali (a program of weapon-based fighting, hand-to-hand combat and weapon disarming techniques) for anyone’s curiosity. Krav Maga near Evanston has FREE trial martial arts classes, all you have to do is give us a call to register. Here is the number of Krav Maga: (847) 433-0405, call us now!

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