Free Trial Offer

Welcome to the Family!

So you’ve decided to check out Krav Maga, THE most realistic and practical form of self what? First you will need to pick out a free trial class that works for you. We have many options, mornings, evening or weekends.

Our ADULT classes are for ages 13 to 70+.  Our CHILDREN’S classes are from 10-14 years old.

If you are coming in with a child, please pick out any KMI Kid’s class in Highland Park, or Chicago.  The child should wear something comfortable to work out in, bring some water. Street shoes are not allowed on the mat, so socks, bare feet or boxing shoes are required. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to fill out your waiver/questionnaire.  You can feel free to observe the class while your child is participating.  After the class we can talk about how we can make this work for you and your child.

If you are an adult, you would be participating in a Krav Maga Beginner class. These classes are all one hour long.

Please pick out any Krav Maga beginner class on our morning schedule, if you would like to come in early.

Our Evening choices are Monday and Wednesday-both locations 5:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday-both locations 7:30pm.

Weekend classes are at 8:00am in Chicago, and 10:30am in Highland Park on Saturday.  Sunday classes are 9:00am in Highland Park and 8:00am in Chicago

Give us a call or fill out our trial form to let us know when to expect you.


NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY!!!!!!! We have new students starting everyday. Our curriculum is rotating so there is no start or end of the course. It is ongoing and progressive with the potential to test up to a Krav Maga Worldwide student level Black Belt. We are on a curriculum with over 150 Krav Maga Worldwide Training Centers Nationwide! Should you travel to another State or Country for business or leisure, you can continue your training at one of our many official facilities.

Here is what to expect AFTER you have made your trial appointment. Please wear comfortable clothes to work out in, and bring some water.  Street shoes are not allowed on the mat, socks, bare feet or boxing shoes are appropriate.

Be prepared to come in about 15 minutes prior to your class. Once you arrive you will have a short questionnaire to fill out and sign. Our front desk person will show you around the facility and answer any additional questions you may have.

(Parking at Highland Park is available on the Southside of the Lot, In Front and side of the Building, In the Driveways, and vertically in the Grassy Area. Parking IS available in the ENTIRE LOT on Sundays and after 6:30pm everyday.
NO PARKING PLEASE on the North Side of Building (past the side door at Motorsource) or in Front of the Overhead Doors in back, on Saturdays, or any evening before 6:30pm – If you park here, YOU WILL HAVE TO MOVE YOUR VEHICLE.  Parking in Chicago is the entire side and back lot)

DURING the class…. The class starts out with an intense warmup. Please pace yourself for this portion, you still have 40 more minutes to go. After the warm up you will have a nice stretch, followed by fatique drills that include punching and/or kicking. You will then learn a combative i.e. kick, punch, elbow, etc. We then put this into a “fighting spirit” drill. Now it is time for the self defense technique which could be anything from a choke to a headlock on the ground. We will demonstrate and go through it step by step until the class has a good understanding of the principles. Our grand finale is a stress drill which includes the self defense technique just learned along with combatives, multiple attackers, loud music, etc. all to recreate a real self defense scenario. This is aggressive training in a safe environment.

Once the class is over, we can sit down and talk about how to get you started!!! Learn to protect yourself and your family with Krav Maga Reality Self Defense Training.

If you have any further questions, please give us a call at 847-433-0405 or email