Glencoe Self Defense Classes


Krav Maga Illinois was established in 2009 and has been providing successful self-defense classes to families seeking protection. Our licensed trainers at Krav Maga Illinois offers self-defense classes throughout Illinois and near Glencoe. If you are a resident of the area, and you are seeking a real self-defense class, our official training center is the best around! Not limited to self-defense, we offer a variety of marital arts classes. We offer KMI boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Kali and weapon disarming techniques. Not to mention, we offer classes to youth who are curious and eager to develop physical fitness and self-awareness. We teach Glencoe students self-defense at its finest from a practical standpoint that is easily understandable.

Glencoe Self Defense Class

Krav Maga Illinois is popular among residents of Glencoe, and they are glad that we offer easy enrollment self-defense classes. Check out our women’s self-defense class for individuals 18 years or older. We bring make self-defense and awareness an instinct, so your body will automatically react protectively to a hazardous situation. Glencoe is located on Chicago’s North Shore Line within the New Tier High School District. It sits on the west side of Lake Michigan. Glencoe’s small population allows Krav Maga Illinois to educate all interested residents self-defense classes through martial arts. Inquire about free trial classes and how you can join our team.

Self Defense Classes Near Glencoe

Krav Maga Illinois offers a variety of self-defense classes to the entire family. We welcome you to come in and meet our Krav Maga family and schedule your self-defense classes near Glencoe today. Our classes are safe, simple, and you will stay engaged from start to finish. Krav Maga Illinois’s boxing and fitness programs are available to complement your self-defense training. Develop the physical fitness that your body deserves and the mental self-awareness investment. Call (847) 433-0405 now!

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