Glenview Self Defense Classes


Krav Maga Illinois offers self- defense classes that have been changing lives for the past decade. Join our licensed training center to experience martial arts training, physical exercise, and self-protection. Self-defense is a significant safety component today. Our self-defense classes have been successful to many individuals including the Israeli Defense Force and law enforcement. Join our Glenview training center to learn more about defending yourself and family members in a dangerous situation. Our goal is to teach individuals of any age self-defense classes in a safe and fun environment. We also offer a woman’s self-defense class and self-defense classes to children.

Glenview Self Defense Class

Krav Maga Illinois demonstrates recognizing the threat, dealing with it, and learning how to remove it quickly. Our awareness training is taught through self-defense classes near Glenview. Glenview is in Cook County, Illinois, and is approximately 3 miles from the lovely city of Chicago. In addition to attractions in Glenview, enjoy Krav Maga classes that are convenient and enjoyable with affordable prices. Our Krav Maga self-defense class focuses on practical techniques at all levels that are taught by trained professionals. By offering over 50 classes a week, you will find the best schedule to match your availability. The whole family is invited as we offer a women’s self-defense class and a self-defense class to children.

Self Defense Classes Near Glenview

Krav Maga Illinois increases physical fitness, and self-development. Our self-defense classes have been successful for military employees and for anyone willing to learn through contact combat. After completing self-defense classes near Glenview individuals will be prepared with the necessary skills to protect themselves. To take advantage of a free Krav Maga class, call (847) 433-0405 now! Krav Maga Illinois will allow you to take advantage of the concepts that self-defense classes have to offer.

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