Highland Park Self Defense Classes


If you are looking for a self-defense class for self-protection, Krav Maga Illinois is the perfect training center for you. We offer many self-defense classes including women’s self-defense, KMI Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Kali. Fully skilled and experienced trainers teach all of our self-defense classes. Awareness training is provided and used to show individuals how to protect themselves against threats and other dangerous individuals. Our classes are targeted to common techniques ranging from beginner to professionals. Krav Maga Illinois offers law enforcement and military personnel self-defense classes which are taught by officers who are certified in Krav Maga force training. We are a registered USA boxing gym as well.

Highland Park Self Defense Class

Krav Maga Illinois brings practical self-defense classes and awareness training to Highland Park residents. Krav Maga Illinois uses hands-on training activities that implement aggressive self-defense classes in a safe and respectful atmosphere. Students in Highland Park learn how to deal with violent situations through hands-on combative techniques. We feature an extensive program of contact combat including ground fighting, self-defense, and competitive boxing. Our programs allow you to gain strength that you didn’t know existed. Highland Park is located 25 miles north of downtown Chicago. Located in the suburban city in Lake County, Illinois, Krav Maga Illinois is conveniently accessible to its residents.

Self Defense Classes Near Highland Park

There are many Krav Maga training centers all over the world including self-defense classes near Highland Park, so you should inquire right now! Krav Maga Illinois has knowledgeable instructors who work well with children, are fully skilled and are experienced trainers that teach self-defense classes. Change your life today by calling or signing up online for a free trial class. Contact us at (847) 433-0405 to get started! You will not be disappointed that you called.

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