Highwood Martial Arts


Krav Maga has been serving all ages in the Chicago Metropolitan Area as a licensed martial arts training center for more than five years. Our number one goal is to provide Krav Maga martial arts training to everyone enrolled in our martial arts school. Krav Maga is known as a martial arts training facility which delivers martial arts classes and martial arts lessons in self-protection. Krav Maga is the official self-defense system used for the Israeli Defense Force and law enforcement. Krav Maga’s World Wide Training Center is located on the North Shore in Highland Park. Krav Maga teaches all ages in their martial arts lessons how to recognize danger, how to react without hesitating and then eliminate the danger as quickly as possible using combative moves. Our martial arts lessons are based upon modest principles and instinctive movements in order to teach students from Highwood real self-defense in the shortest time period.

Highwood Martial Arts Training

Highwood is a village in Lake County, Illinois just below the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve. Highwood has a population of 5,400 and many of the residents should seek out our martial arts classes. Highwood residents need to consider that Krav Maga’s martial arts training can be thought of as a form of life insurance. We want to empower our Highwood students in dealing with any threatening situation they may come across. We teach our Highwood students to learn fast responses, give awareness training, tactical techniques and how to be prepared if the unexpected happens. Krav Maga martial arts classes teaches our Highwood beginners on how to best respond to a sudden or unexpected violent attack. Once our martial arts training is completed our Highwood graduates will be better equipped to make it home safe and sound every time!

Highwood Martial Arts Classes

Krav Maga is Hebrew for “contact combat” and is the official self-defense system for the Israeli Military which has been taught to hundreds of law enforcement agencies, numerous military personnel and thousands of civilians. Additionally, Krav Maga has a reality based self-defense training program for ages 5-10 which teaches the concepts of self-defense and increases their overall level of physical fitness. Here at Krav Maga we also offer many martial arts classes like, KMI Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kali (a program of weapon-based fighting, hand-to-hand combat and weapon disarming techniques). Krav Maga near Highwood provides the opportunity for students interested to learn about our FREE trial martial arts classes. Call to register at Krav Maga at: (847) 433-0405, today!

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