Lake Forest Self Defense Classes


Krav Maga Illinois is a two-story 4,000 square foot training facility. Our program includes reality self-defense classes for children ages 6-13 years old, women’s self-defense classes and self-defense classes for adults of all ages. We have coordinating classes so that children can take a class at the same time as their parent. Krav Maga is designed to improve emotional and physical responses to danger through methods that will help you develop the ability to recognize it. Allow us to train you on self-protection through a self-defense class that is also used on the Israeli Defense Force and law enforcement. Lake Forest students enjoy Krav Maga Illinois and our many years of service that we have provided to the area. Individuals are fully prepared in self-defense after completing a class.

Lake Forest Self Defense Class

Lake Forest is in Lake County, Illinois with an estimated population of over 19,000. The city is located along the beautiful shore of Lake Michigan, and it is apart of the Chicago metropolitan area. After completing a self-defense class, Lake Forest students will be adequately trained with the skills that they need to protect themselves. Bring your children for a free trial class. Many Lake Forest residents depend on Krav Maga Illinois to provide self-defense classes and reality-based training to the area. Krav Maga is Hebrew for contact combat and its system originates from the Israeli Military.

Self Defense Classes Near Lake Forest

Krav Maga Illinois offers many different self-defense class options with times that are sure to fit your schedule. Self-defense classes are available for both adults and children. Overall, the goal is to increase your overall physical fitness while also teaching self-awareness through self-defense classes. Find out for yourself why self-defense classes near Lake Forest are right for you. Krav Maga Illinois is the leading center for martial arts training for families. We empower our students one self-defense class at a time and work extremely hard to promote self-protection. Call (847) 433-0405 now to schedule your session, or to get a free trial class.

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