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Are you wanting to begin competitive boxing or looking to add boxing lessons to your work out? If so, Krav Maga Illinois is an exclusive Worldwide Training Facility that offers boxing classes taught by Official Boxing Coaches. We are proud to be a Registered USA Boxing Gym offering boxing classes for beginners to advanced levels. These boxing lessons focus on the fundamentals of the sport. Our team also provides boxing training for competitive boxers. KMI includes boxing classes near Lincolnshire. Start boxing lessons to begin your journey to be fit and fearless with our dedicated team of coaches.

Lincolnshire Boxing Lessons

Each of our KMI boxing lessons lasts for one hour and are held several times a week in two separate locations. You can take boxing classes near Lincolnshire, and our boxing lessons focus on proper techniques, discipline and much more. Lincolnshire is a northern suburb of Chicago with a population of fewer than 8,000 residents. This Illinois city lies in Vernon Township and became incorporated in 1957. Lincolnshire went through a period of aggressive growth for about 17 years starting in 1983. We are a prized boxing gym that teaches boxers and boxing enthusiasts to be confident and have a fighting spirit during our boxing training. KMI welcomes new students of all ages.

Lincolnshire Boxing Gym

The benefits to boxing are empowerment, strength, and endurance. KMI boxing classes help your body and mind become disciplined. We offer quality boxing programs that can prepare you for competitive boxing. We feature two locations for boxing lessons, Highland Park and Chicago. Come sign up today and take advantage of our Registered USA boxing gym, where you can begin or advance your boxing training. Krav Maga Illinois offers passionate boxing classes near Lincolnshire that will get you in great shape and change your life. Our Advanced Boxing class is available for the best in progressive boxing training. What are you waiting for? Sign up today for a FREE trial by calling (847) 433-0405 today!

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