Mundelein Martial Arts


Krav Maga Illinois has been offering martial arts lessons for over five years to friends and families throughout the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. Krav Maga Illinois is founded on simple basic principles and instinctive movements and is designed to teach “real” self-defense in the quickest time possible. Krav Maga martial arts classes are the Israeli Military’s official self-defense program, and they are also taught throughout the world to law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and civilians. Krav Maga Illinois offers martial arts training, teaching self-protection giving you the ability to protect yourself in vulnerable situations. Krav Maga Illinois’s World-Wide Training Center is located on the North Shore in Highland Park, near Mundelein.

Mundelein Martial Arts Training

Krav Maga Illinois teaches our Mundelein students how to recognize immediate danger and threats and how to strike using combative moves. Mundelein is a village in Lake County, Illinois. Mundelein is approximately thirty-five miles northwest of Chicago with a little over 31,000 residents. Krav Maga Illinois is a martial arts school that teaches self-protection for you and your family, with over 50 classes per week to choose from. Martial arts lessons will help determine when to engage in hand-to-hand combat, utilize improvised weapons and when it is best to avoid impending danger by escaping.

Mundelein Martial Arts Classes

Krav Maga Illinois’ purpose is to help empower our learners with martial arts, teaching them how to react to any violent or threatening situation. Krav Maga Illinois is known for augmenting students’ feelings of empowerment, strength, confidence, awareness, clarity, integrity, energy, endurance and fighting spirit. We ensure that our students can differentiate when it is appropriate to use hand-to-hand combat and improvised weapons and when it is best to flee from danger. Call Krav Maga Illinois today at (847) 433-0405 to enroll in our martial arts training, and don’t forget to ask us about our FREE trial martial arts classes!

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