A Busy Year for KMI Boxers!

So far this year our KMI boxers have been very busy.  For those who are boxing enthusiasts our classes have been rocking each Monday night and Saturday morning.  A lot of new faces have joined our boxing crew.  For those competitive boxers, much improvement has been made.  We are very proud of the hard work and dedication each person has demonstrated, and thank each person for being a part of our team.

This year at golden gloves, our champ Natalie fought, along with FTGG’s (first time golden gloves) Michelle, Bart, Kyle and Paul.  All showed a tremendous effort and we are looking forward to continued progress.

So far this year our boxers have had many competitions.  Most recently at a local boxing gym where Ayala had her very first fight.  She was awesome.  Paul was given one hour notice that he had a fight that night, showed up and competely dominated the fight.  Natalie had a rematch that night with a girl she fought in the golden gloves.  They all did a great job!!

We do have more competitions on the horizon for this year and look forward to the continual growth of our KMI Boxing Team!!  Thank you to coach Larry for providing top notch instruction and for being able to take our students to the next level, whether they training to get in the ring, or training for pure enjoyment of the “sweet science”.

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