Anti-Abduction/Hostage Seminar

Jon Pascal Seminar

Jon Pascal Seminar

We are pleased to announce a potentially life saving seminar, hosted by Krav Maga Worldwide Force Training Instructor Jon Pascal.  Jon is the lead Force Training Instructor for Krav Maga Worldwide.  He has trained and certified Police Officers all over the world in the Krav Maga Force Training System.  He will be leading two seminars on Sunday, January 22nd at our Chicago location.

Beginning at 8am until 12pm, Jon will lead an anti-abduction/hostage taking seminar.  In this civilian seminar participants will learn how to defend against handguns, edged weapons, and anti-abduction and hostage scenarios.  You will defend attacks and fight back with hands bound, eyes and/or mouths covered, along with other abduction-specific situations.  This seminar is open to all KRAV MAGA ILLINOIS students only.  The pricing is $99 for the 4 hour seminar.

Our Law Enforcement/Military seminar begins at 1pm until 3:30pm.  This seminar is for active Law Enforcement and Military personnel only.  We are hoping to attract Police Officers from all over Illinois and the surrounding area.  In this very important seminar Law Enforcement officers will learn defensive and control tactics, as well as, weapon retention.  Officers will practice realistic training scenario’s that they may encounter while on the job.  Pricing for this seminar is $60

Only a limited numbers of spaces are available.  Please call 847-433-0405 to register.


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