Saturday and Sunday, September 21 & 22 all adult Krav Maga and KO bag classes will be canceled (all other classes will go on as scheduled) so that we can bring you Lipan Apache Snake Blocker who will be doing a two day Apache Knife Fighting and Battle Tactics Seminar here at Krav Maga Illinois.  We are very excited to welcome him to Krav Maga Illinois for this very special weekend.  Along with Snake with be special guest Brian Meade (Knife & Tomahawk Maker) introducing the new Snake Blocker Signature line series: “God, Country, Corps” Knife [for training & throwing] and the “Lipan Apache” Tomahawk [for training & throwing]. He will be taking orders so bring extra money and be the first to own this set. You can call ahead and pre-order at (419) 297-0760.

IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING in the seminar please bring your TRAINING KNIFE. We do have training knives available for those of you who do not have one.  We will have about an hour for lunch so please bring a lunch or prepare to go out for lunch, we have many restaurants in our area to choose from. We do not allow street shoes on the mat so please bring a clean pair of gym shoes, or boxing/wrestling shoes. We will have some special guests along with knives, tomahawks, shirts for sale. Bring some extra cash in case you might want to order a custom throwing tomahawk or custom knife. There will also be a certification/testing in the Apache Knife System for qualified participants an additional fee applies. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!! THIS IS GOING TO BE A GREAT WEEKEND OF TRAINING!!!  Any questions…please call 847-433-0405.

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