Krav Maga Illinois INTRO SPECIAL

In an effor199SPECIALhighlandparkt to spread the necessity of Reality Self Defense training, Krav Maga Illinois is offering a 6 week intro course for the one time fee of $199!  During this intro period students can take advantage of as many Krav Maga and Heavy Bag Classes as they want.  Any days, any times, at our Chicago location and the Highland Park location.

We are so happy to provide this very important glimpse into the world of reality self defense.  Krav Maga reality self defense and awareness training is a skill that is desperately needed in these violent times.  Do not depend on luck to get you out of a potentially life threatening situation.  Instead practice the skills needed in order to survive or de-escalate a violent encounter.  Violence is not going to go away any time soon.  Let our instructors show you how to protect yourself and your family, while getting in the best shape of your life.  Give us a call to start your training.  847-433-0405

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