Krav Maga Illinois introduces New College Program

Krav Maga Illinois has always had many college students attending during the summer months. In an effort to make it easier to continue their Krav Maga training we have increased the 3 month college plan to include all holidays and weekends home during the entire school year. This program goes from May, 2012 until May, 2013. For one payment of $500, the college student has access to unlimited training in all disciplines offered at Krav Maga Illinois, for the entire school year.

It is also time to offer our summer program, for those who are only available during the summer months for training. The program offers unlimited training in any discipline we offer. It is a short term membership that begins in May or June (depending on when you can start) and goes for 3 months. The fee for this program is a one time payment of $360.

As always, once you are done with either program you have the option of continuing on with full membership at our usual rates. All of our fees are non-refundable.

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