Krav Maga Kids Boot Camp

Introducing our Winter Krav Maga Kid’s Boot Camp for children 10 to 14 years old. Does your child have the winter blahs? Get them moving again with some Krav Maga reality self defense training. What is more important than your child achieving a sense of confidence and empowerment while learning how to GET HOME SAFE? Give yourself piece of mind by enrolling your child in our Krav Maga Kid’s Boot Camp. Children will learn how to defend themselves, while getting in great shape. They will learn about personal space and situational awareness, along with how and when to fight. We are only enrolling 20 students into this potentially life changing program. Pricing is $399 for this 3 month kid’s boot camp. Registration is open now. Call us at 847-433-0405 to hold your space. This one hour class begins on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 and runs until Tuesday, February, 25, 2020. No experience is necessary.

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