Register HERE for our Snake Blocker Apache Knife Fighting Seminar

Snake Blocker Seminar September 21, 22, 2013

Registrations is now open for our Apache Knife and Battle Tactics seminar being held on September 21, and September 22, 2013

We are happy to announce a unique opportunity to train with U.S. Army Combatives instructor Snake Blocker. Snake, a Lipan Apache, will be here at Krav Maga Illinois for an intensive course in September. He will be doing a two day 16 hour seminar on Apache Knife Fighting and Battle Tactics. Along with knife fighting techniques you will also get a bit of Apache culture in order to better understand the Apache principles of attacking and defending.

Snake has an extensive list of credentials within the Native American community, he has extensive military and private security experience as well as being featured on the hit TV show, Deadliest Warrior.

The Apache Knife Fighting and Battle Tactics Seminar will cover:
• Knife grips
• Angles, strikes and combinations
• Multiple opponents
• Mental alertness
• Stealth tactics
• Battle applications
• and more…..


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