Women’s Self Defense Seminar

14102421_10153892616243652_4460885693856647049_n We are pleased to present a Women’s Self Defense and Empowerment seminar at our Chicago location. (5201 North Oketo, behind Jewel) The focus of this seminar is defense from a prone position, or position of disadvantage.  Women will learn how to get up from the ground properly, defend themselves and fight from the ground up.  We cannot dictate the circumstances or details of an attack, so we must know how to react whether we are standing or on the ground. We will cover these two bases during this 2 hour course.

The purpose our Women’s  seminars is to bring a sense of awareness and piece of mind to women in our community and surrounding areas.   Learn to punch, kick and elbow your way to a sense of increased personal safety and empowerment.  The seminar will be held at our Chicago location on Saturday, June 1, 2019, from 12pm to 2pm.

One of every five women will be attacked or raped in Their lifetime.  You don’t need to be a victim.  Take the first step in your own survival by attending this potentially life saving and life changing seminar.  Women who resist or fight back have a great chance of deterring a physical or sexual assault.  Statistics indicate the there is a 50% chance that the attacker will flee if you choose not to be a victim and FIGHT BACK.

Pricing for the seminar is $35/person.  Ages 13 and up.  Mother/Daughter Discount $35 for mom –  $20 for Daughter. (KMI members $30).  No experience is necessary.  Please wear something comfortable to work out in and bring some water.  No street shoes are allowed on the mat, so socks or bare feet are appropriate.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW! Limited spacing.  Call us 773-775-5201

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