Its been a long and difficult year so far, and 2020 was one of the biggest challenges we have faced. We are getting through it, since we have no choice but to go forward. It’s almost as if time had stopped. We stopped being active, stopped gathering with friends, eating out, traveling and just plain Read More

It goes without saying that respect is one of the most fundamental traits required to be successful both professionally and personally. Schools make it a point to teach respect for authority during a child’s most formative years, but the real education truly begins at home, with the parents themselves. Respect is a quality that can Read More

Give the gift of Self Defense this Valentine’s Day.  What better way to show someone you care, than by introducing them to one of the best systems of self defense in the world…Krav Maga.  Violence will always be here, we will always need to learn to protect ourselves. Give your friends and family peace of Read More

Krav Maga face masks

As the weather turns colder, Krav Maga Illinois is forced to go back to indoor training.  For some, this in an uncomfortable situation on many levels.  Not only are you heading into a small space, during a pandemic, but you are also working with others, while exerting yourself through intense physical activity, all while WEARING Read More