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Our Programs:

Krav Maga Illinois has an extensive program of Krav Maga featuring Krav Maga Reality Self Defense/Awareness training, heavy bag and striking classes. We also feature 6 week rotating courses in Fighting, Weapons Defense and Ground Fighting.  Our Krav Maga Force training class, for Law Enforcement Officers and Military Personnel only, is held in our Chicago location.  Children are introduced to the Krav Maga curriculum in our Krav Maga Kid’s Class,  for children 10 – 14.

To compliment your Krav Maga training we offer an awesome boxing program featuring Coach Larry Garskti.  He heads up KMI Boxing, a class for competitive boxers as well as boxing enthusiasts. We also serve up a Heavy Bag/Fitness class which combines striking combinations, the combatives of Krav Maga, body weight, calisthenics, cardiovascular and plyometric exercises.


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