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Show your pride in your Krav Maga training with this Official Krav Maga Illinois Tshirt!  This is a triblend shirt that feels as good as it looks.

$25 (X-Large $28) plus shipping and handling


Don’t Let Self Defense Be an Afterthought!!

The Kubaton Self Defense Keychain is discrete, unassuming, and convenient to carry. Made of aluminum and available in five colors, a Kubaton is an excellent tool to fight off or intimidate a possible attacker. It is a must have for college students, moms, dads, professionals, etc.. If you carry keys, you now have the ability to also carry a personal self defense tool that is ready when you need it, in your hand and not stuck in your purse or pocket. It is simple to use and can dramatically increase the odds of surviving and escaping from a serious or life threatening assault.

$10 plus shipping and handling


Give the gift of Self Defense with one month of unlimited Krav Maga Training!!

Introduce your friends and family to the reality of Krav Maga Self Defense Training. Purchase here, and Gift Certificate will be sent to your email address, to print out, or pass along.    $139

Gift Certificates can be purchased in denominations of $50 and $100, to be used towards gear/clothing or tuition.  Gift Certificate will be emailed, after purchase.

Certificate Amount