Krav Maga Levels / Belt System

Although belts are not worn in class, there is a complete belt system according to the Krav Maga Worldwide curriculum.

  • KM Level 1 (Yellow Belt Curriculum)
  • KM Level 2 (Orange Belt Curriculum)
  • KM Level 3 (Green Belt Curriculum)
  • KM Level 4 (Blue Belt Curriculum)
  • KM Level 5 (Brown and Black Belt Curriculum)

Belt Advancement Timeline

The following timeline represents typical progression through the Krav Maga belt system and class levels. Timelines are only approximates and are based upon members training an average of two to three times per week. Please be aware that members progress through the system at different paces.

  • Yellow Belt/Level 1 Test – Must be attending classes for at least 4 month and have completed 40 Level 1 classes
  • Orange Belt/Level 2 Test –  6 months after YOUR Yellow Belt Testing and must have completed 60 Level 2, Level 2-3 or Level 2-3-4
  • Green Belt /Level 3 Test – 9 months after YOUR Orange Belt Testing 90 classes of Level 3 or Level 2-3-4 or Level 3-4
  • Blue Belt /Level 4 Test – 9 months after YOUR Blue Belt Testing and additional 90 classes of Level 4 or Level 3-4 or Level 2-3-4
  • Brown Belt /Level 5 Test – 12 months after YOUR Blue Belt Testing and additional 90 classes of Level 5 or Level 4-5 classes AND upon Instructor Approval.

Note: Black Belt and above is by invitation only and require a minimum of 12 months training as a Brown Belt/Level 5 student.

Test Results

Results will be ready approximately one to two days after the test is conducted. Those members who pass will receive their Official Belt Diploma awarded by Krav Maga Worldwide.  At this point you will be able to commence with your new level classes. Those who do not pass will be contacted by the testing instructor to discuss results.


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