Wheeling Martial Arts


For the last five years, Krav Maga Illinois has provided martial arts to the Chicago Metropolitan Area. We are the best martial arts school near Wheeling. Krav Maga martial arts classes are the Israeli Military’s official self-defense program, and they are also taught throughout the world to law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and civilians. Krav Maga Illinois is founded on simple basic principles and instinctive movements and is designed to teach “real” self-defense in the quickest time possible. Krav Maga Illinois’ World-Wide Training Center is located on the North Shore in Highland Park which is less than 10 miles from Wheeling.

Wheeling Martial Arts Training

Our martial arts lessons help our Wheeling students learn how to best deal with violent and threatening behavior. Wheeling is a village in Cook and Lake Counties in the state of Illinois. Wheeling is a suburb of Chicago with 37,648 residents. Krav Maga Illinois provides martial arts training, teaching self-protection giving you the ability to protect yourself in defenseless situations. We offer martial arts classes near the Wheeling area for all ages and all fitness levels. Krav Maga Illinois martial arts students learn how to recognize danger and then take the threat away fast using combative moves.

Wheeling Martial Arts Classes

Krav Maga Illinois has highly trained martial arts instructors that can get you in shape and ready for any situation. With over 50 classes offered we know we can find the right martial arts lessons for you. We try to teach you how to avoid conflict, if it is impossible or unsafe, Krav Maga Illinois encourages finishing a fight quickly and aggressively as possible. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you may have about Krav Maga Illinois. Krav Maga Illinois has beginner and advanced martial arts classes, so experience Krav Maga Illinois with our FREE trials. Call us today at (847) 433-0405 to enroll in our martial arts training.

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