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Are you looking for boxing classes that will teach you fundamentals like footwork, head movement, and ring strategies? If so, contact Krav Maga Illinois, we are an official training center for boxing lessons. As a Registered USA Boxing Gym, we use official boxing coaches to teach our boxing classes. Our boxing lessons are geared to show you the Sweet Science of the sport. KMI has two facilities for boxing classes near Winnetka, become a force-to-be-reckoned with in the ring. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced boxer looking at the competition, we have the team that will help push you to be and do your best.

Winnetka Boxing Lessons

KMI offers boxing classes near Winnetka throughout the week in convenient locations for students. Our boxing lessons concentrate on proper techniques for throwing combinations and much more. Winnetka is one of the wealthiest places in the nation and the richest in Illinois. Winnetka has a population of 12,187 and is located 16 miles from downtown Chicago. We are an esteemed boxing gym looking for aspiring boxers and boxing enthusiast to connect with our boxing training. KMI is looking forward to working with you, and it doesn’t matter your level of understanding or skill, our goal is to help you develop into a real boxer.

Winnetka Boxing Gym

The boxing classes we hold are one hour long with both morning and evening hours. KMI boxing classes help you understand and learn the art of KMI Boxing. We host boxing lessons in both Highland Park and Chicago on different nights of the week. As a Registered USA boxing gym, we hold ourselves and our students to the highest standards. We come prepared to give our best to you each time you show up for boxing training. Krav Maga Illinois is driven to bring the best and most passionate boxing classes near Winnetka. Our Advanced Boxing class is available for those who want to pursue higher levels of boxing training. Choose to change your life today by calling (847) 433-0405, and we will even give you a FREE trial!

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