Winnetka Self Defense Classes


Krav Maga Illinois is the best way to ensure you and your loved ones are adequately protected. Welcome to our licensed Krav Maga training that offers self-defense classes through martial arts. We offer self-awareness and protection classes at an affordable rate for you and the entire family. Our primary objective is to provide self-assurance through self-defense classes. Krav Maga near Winnetka is sure to eliminate all fears and help you recognize your strength and ability to protect yourself. By offering training to children also helps prepare them for unexpected situations so that they are ready. In addition to our excellent programs, we provide fantastic boxing programs. Our highly trained and certified professionals teach all self-defense classes.

Winnetka Self Defense Class

Check out our women’s self-defense class for individuals 18 years or older. It offers strength and conditioning to ensure physical fitness and protection. Winnetka is just 26 miles north of downtown Chicago. The population is approximately 12,187 and located in Cook County, Illinois. Krav Maga Illinois would love to have you as apart of our family, and you can never go wrong doing things that help protect your wellbeing. Since 2009, we have been offering self-defense classes all over the state. Our Winnetka location proudly provides excellent skills that children can carry on through adulthood. We offer self-defense classes at its best!

Self Defense Classes Near Winnetka

Krav Maga Illinois is well known and popular for successful and easy to learn self-defense classes. Call now or get more information online. Our highly trained and certified professionals teach all self-defense classes. Our programs are safe and friendly for all family members. Get your reality-based self-defense class or contact combat training. Help keep you and your loved ones adequately protected! Call Krav Maga Illinois at (847) 433-0405 today!

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