Krav Maga Techniques you need to know for personal safety. The landscape of the self-defense and martial arts training world can be incredibly confusing. Trying to figure out which style of training, which physical location to train at, which community of people to become involved with, can all seem overwhelming and stressful. Everyone who becomes Read More

Self Defense training is more than just the techniques themselves. If you continue to train one dimensionally, you will only be able to defend yourself one dimensionally. This is not real life. In a violent encounter, there will be a struggle and you may be fighting or running for your life. Visualization is so important Read More

Krav Maga Class Description

KRAV MAGA ILLINOIS CLASS STRUCTURE If you’ve been  thinking about coming in for a Krav Maga reality self defense class, but not sure what to expect, keep reading.  Here is a brief breakdown of a typical Krav Maga self defense beginner class at Krav Maga Illinois.  No experience is necessary.  Krav Maga is simplistic and Read More

Krav Maga Reality Self Defense and Boxing. Krav Maga Illinois offers an excellent adult boxing program to go along with our adult self defense program. We are an official USA Boxing gym with officially certified USA Boxing coaches. This year we are excited to participate, once again, in the Chicago Golden Gloves.  Whether you are Read More

JANUARY 3, 2022 In order to slow the spread of COVID-19, the City of Chicago has implemented a mandatory vaccine requirement for restaurants, gyms, and entertainment venues. Krav Maga Illinois falls under the category of gyms and is included in this mandate. As of Monday, January 3rd, Krav Maga Illinois will require that all students Read More